Powder metallurgy parts and application

1.Gears for the automotive industry or machinery

2. Camshafts and crankshafts for the automotive industry and heavy equipment

3.Pistons for the automotive industry

4.Connecting rods for automotive and aerospace industries

5.Automobiles, home appliances, industrial bearings

6.Sprockets for industrial machinery

7.Valve seats and guides for the automotive industry, small engines and industrial applications

8.Clutch plate for automobile industry

9.Brake pads and rotors for the automotive industry

10.Flanges for oil and gas, chemical and other industrial applications

11.Housings for automotive, aerospace and industrial applications

12.Threaded Inserts for Automotive, Aerospace and Electronics Applications

13.Heat sink for electronic industry

14.Pump components for automotive, chemical, oil and gas, and industrial applications

15.Steam turbine blades in the power generation industry

16.Nozzles for aerospace and industrial gas turbine engines

17. Structural parts in aerospace, automotive and other industries.


Post time: May-09-2023